MidTown Madness

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Computer games are a real attraction not only for kids but also for many adults. You can see many people spending their spare time playing different types of PC games. Racing games like Need for Speed and Mid Town Madness 2 are good examples of popular racing games. Since the release of Mid Town Madness, the developers were working on Mid Town Madness 2, the better version of the original game. This time the game came up with two giant cities; San Francisco and London, more cars are added in the game, and a ton more tracks to contend with. With some great features and packed with a ton of entertainment value, Midtown Madness 2 is a strong sequel that keeps the city madness alive.

If you have played the original game then you will not feel anything new in start. New crash course mode being one of the major difference among two releases. However, that does not mean that you have to have a crash course before you actually jump into the real game. You can even go directly to the games. Locked cars in the game is a big attraction for the players as they become eager to unlock these as soon as possible to spice up the racing experience. For the sake of fun, you can select double Decker bus, but if you only want to win all the time, then you need to compromise on limited options provided in the game and this, I think a drawback of the game that it does not give you a big variety of cars. Unfortunately, if you want to win a race, you will have to stick with the fastest and most reliable vehicles such as Audi TT.

Playing Midtown Madness 2, you will not feel any difference in sounds as these are almost same as in the original game but the big addition of more voice-overs during the races, including a hippy and a homier in San Francisco, and a pink and a Scot in London. The game tends to run choppy in multiplayer mode so it is better to play the game alone within your empire.

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MidTown Madness 2

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Computer games are one area in which kids are most interested while using PCs. Parents also feel comfortable if their kids stay at home at play different compute games and spend their time in home instead of they spend time outside their homes. Driving games remain the most like type of PC games. When Microsoft launched MidTown Madness it took immense popularity not only in kids but in adults due to various reasons.

The best thing about the MidTown Madness is that it doesn’t contain traditional tracks, as entire city of Chicago is included in the game and you can enjoy you’re driving experience anywhere in the city. MidTown Madness is included with all popular vehicles such Volkswagen and most luxurious Cadillac El Dorado. The game provide you some of the original sounds of different vehicles even when you reverse your vehicle, it provides you with beep which you usually hear when sitting in a real car. MidTown Madness also provides you a wide-screen view which enhances your driving experience. You can enjoy driving through city landmarks, which are mentioned in the map provided.

Although you can choose from ten different cars/vehicles provided in MidTown Madness but players still think that there should be more cars provided in the game as many more choices are provided in play station version of many other driving games. At one hand developers of the MidTown Madness tried their best to bring original images of city of Chicago but at the other hand there are many images which are repeated even in same block which gives a bad impression of the game.

Second version of MidTown Madness is known as MidTown Madness 2 and is available to download from Microsoft. MidTown Madness gives more racing excitement to the users with tougher and challenging options. MidTown Madness two also features added locations of San Francisco and London. The main feature of second version is Crash Course that can be completed by players in San Francisco and London as well. MidTown Madness 2 also has multiplayer option via serial cable, modem and IP address.

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Be the best player in Midtown Madness 2

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Did you ever try driving your very own flatbed car along the Golden Gate Bridge anytime of the day especially on rush hours? Here is the new way to do it. From the creator and developer of the best games here comes the Microsoft who invented one of the most interesting car racing games, Midtown Madness 2, a sequel to the same Midtown Madness which was first released on 1998. Midtown Madness 2 presents a series of special motor vehicles that you can use and drive all around in two of the most best and biggest cities of the world with the precise details and their well admired landmarks, these are no other than the London and San Francisco. The mode of car racing in Midtown Madness 2 has almost the same feature from its original Midtown Madness namely, the Cruise, the Blitz, the Checkpoint, the Circuit, the Crash Cruise and the Multiplayer Modes. Such mode can be easily navigated even for beginners. This is how the proper way to do it.

First, when you play the Cruise mode, you can both do it the American way and drive in San Francisco or you can do it the English way and glide in the city of London. The best thing about this is you will be able to travel around in two different famous cities and take advantage of its scenery where you can only do it virtually if it is impossible for you to be in the two cities of San Francisco and London physically. Blitz game on the other hand is different from the first mode because it is very speed breaking and sometimes you have to defy gravity to win because in this mode you have to drive alone and race against time provided by the computer. The best move in this is to be precise while doing the race for you to be able to win the game.  In Checkpoint mode on the other hand, you definitely experience a great time playing because you will be competing against the mind blowing computer controlled cars that you will be able to meet in succeeding checkpoints. The best part is you will be able to use any car but mind you, do not use bus because it will be to your disadvantage. Try using lighter cars.

If you want excitement try the Circuit games. The best part with this mode is you challenge other people online to race with you. You will definitely enjoy because you will meet difficult lapses and you will not get bored because this mode is just composed of short laps in between races but the higher level you get the difficult the lapses are. If you want to blow your mind try Crash Course. This mode is known to be the most exciting and the most challenging of all Midtown Madness 2 modes. You will be challenged by drivers who just got their license if you try driving in the city of San Francisco. Lapses of this mode include accelerating and more accelerating at the same time plenty of jumping.

If you want all the modes above combined in one try the Multiplayer Mode. It does not compile all the best features of the above mentioned modes but it has also other challenges along the way to try to stop you along way such as robbers and cops chasing each other. This is what makes the mode difficult because sometime you will get caught in the middle. But before anything else, before indulging yourself in the best game in car racing, you have first try modifying all the options available for your car such as visual modes for you to be able to compete greatly with other players.

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Madness Baby

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Nowadays, hundreds of players participate in Midtown Madness 2 not only because of unadulterated pleasurable and thrill but it also supplies sure assistance that will enhance your cognitive skill and increase your common expertise. You can get plenty of benefit in engaging in this pastime. Below are the several of major advantages that we can dig up in engaging in Midtown Madness 2. First of all, MM2 can set up a momentous, significant and even untailored rapport. This is the best chance for you to be able for those accessible relations to make stronger. It also serves as a way to meet new people and gain friends. It is because playing this game simply creates a unique sense of camaraderie. Second, engaging Midtown Madness 2 helps you improve your ability to focus because this game requires intensive concentration. This is very much advantageous to those people who have a hard time paying attention and even to those individuals who are having some problems on developmental disabilities who do not usually respond normally to their environments.

Third, it contributes a great deal on your social development by helping improve your social skills. It augments your character of antagonism and self-assurance within yourself by demanding other players and diametrically opposed alongside with them. Thus, if you would like to fit into place a calling in the world of commerce or play a part in games; Midtown Madness 2 is very much supportive for you.

Fourth, MM2 creates a thought swiftly on you and lend a hand if you to choose to go rapidly particularly if you are engaging the game by yourself with a particular time limit against the computer or against yourself. With this, Midtown Madness can whet your thinking and grind your cleverness on solving certain troubles. Midtown Madness 2 can also strap up your imaginative thinking and speed up the activity of your brain by opting the type of automobile you fancy and setting up your very own racing lap in two dissimilar but completely interesting cities of London and San Francisco. Midtown Madness 2 will certainly improve your inventiveness by educating you with huge management expertise together with good enthusiasm. You definitely be encouraged in determining how to arrive at tricky laps with diverse tests in every stage you encounter. With Midtown Madness, you will absolutely be trained self-discipline and ethical way of thinking through observing the proper policies of the MM2, opting for which is just or unjust and stand-in on those sets of alternatives appropriately. Why don’t you try Midtown Madness 2? All you have to do is get to know better your expertise and use the most of your logical thinking and focusing for you to be able to be converted into the best gamer of all time.

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